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July 2005 Onwards

So another period of our lives starts and instead of waiting and writing about it afterwards (when the memory can fail a bit) I have decided to add bits as the year goes by. Not quite a diary but something similar.

When I was diagnosed in 2000 with FAP it was mentioned that I had a strange family which didn't conform to normal FAP. This was mainly because of my age by then 57. This did make me feel a bit alone as so many are so young when FAP is first mentioned. However I did notice a chap of 62 on a Leeds Genetic website and in the past month have spoken to two other chaps over 55 when first being told. Apart from feeling not so lonely and strange it has helped come to terms a bit more with what has happened. Hopefully as well it will give others the chance to see that there are grumpy old men (to use a TV programme) still getting on OK.

The steam train ride and lunch around Leicestershire and Rutland was one of the most relaxing times Ann and myself had had for years. A bonus was the timings and route which were altered and we had over 3 hours at speeds up to 60mph whilst enjoying the scenery, meal and wine. It was all arranged by Vintage Trains and although a little expensive was good value for money.
Jimby enjoying a cuppa on the steam train

I like many others was quite fortunate when our train to Kings Cross was turned back just before reaching London on July 7th. I am sure all our thoughts are with others who were not so fortunate.