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(Familial Adenomatous Polyposis)

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The Rosa Gallo Foundation

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Google Translation from the Rosa Gallo Website

The Association Rosa Gallo was born with the purpose of being an organization of volunteers who, in synergy with the Foundation Rosa Gallo, is active in the province of Verona, at sopo:

To provide material support, moral and psychological to the sick, ensuring adequate support both worldwide diagnosis of the disease in both phases of care;

Information and support for families and the sick in the field test of control and early diagnosis: all those who have developed a cancer of the colon-rectum of the first 40 years, in fact, should be tested to evaluate the presence of anomalies in the APC gene and If present, even other family members at this stage the Association provides a necessary information support and assistance in practice and in the process of diagnosis;

Support FAP patients in the controls, which must be carried out throughout their lives, since paediatric age: the Association provides support and advice to help and understand the various moments of therapy and controls;

Inform doctors about the disease by distributing information material, especially on the transmissibility documented genetic diagnostic investigations and to recommend to patients: the Association directs doctors at Information Centres and indicates care centers where national reference seek advice and / or send patients;

Collect data on the sick and procedures of care: the Association recording data of patients, given the limited number afferisce at each centre and include them in prospective studies and research statistics;

Sensitize the general public about the disease through seminars or study meetings and various publications and collaborate with the medical and political class in order to increase protection of patient FAP under the National Health Service and stimulate a national coordination center for a centralized research and effective.